African Ginger, Organic Toothpaste AfroHairCandy
Organic Toothpaste
Organic Toothpaste
African Ginger, Organic Toothpaste AfroHairCandy
African Ginger, Organic Toothpaste AfroHairCandy
African Ginger, Organic Toothpaste AfroHairCandy
African Ginger, Organic Toothpaste AfroHairCandy
African Ginger, Organic Toothpaste AfroHairCandy
Organic Toothpaste

Organic Toothpaste

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African Ginger, Organic Toothpaste

Indulge in the time-honored wisdom of Ancient African oral care with our exquisite African Ginger Toothpaste. Crafted to perfection with 100% organic, Chemical-Free ingredients, this exceptional toothpaste pays homage to age-old traditions of oral health. Elevate your daily dental routine to new heights with a blend rooted in ancient wisdom, designed to offer you a host of desirable benefits.

Unveil a radiant smile as you harness the natural power of our African Ginger Toothpaste. Enriched with carefully selected organic ingredients, this toothpaste seamlessly revives time-tested oral care practices to transform your dental hygiene:

1. Whitening Elegance: Discover the remarkable art of teeth whitening, guided by nature's own remedies. Our toothpaste gently polishes teeth, helping to restore their natural brilliance and leave you with a dazzling smile.

2. Refreshing Breath: Infused with the invigorating essence of ginger, your breath receives a refreshing boost, ensuring confidence and vitality throughout the day.

3. Plaque and Stain Removal: Experience the enchanting blend's natural prowess as it effectively reduces plaque buildup and fights stubborn stains, unveiling a cleaner and healthier smile.

4. Gum Health: Embrace the soothing touch of African Ginger Toothpaste as it aids in treating gum disease and sensitivity, promoting the well-being of your gums.

5. Comfort and Relief: With its calming properties, our toothpaste offers respite from oral discomfort and irritations, allowing you to savour the joy of a pain-free, vibrant smile.

Immerse yourself in the allure of an ancient oral care ritual, rejuvenated for the modern connoisseur of holistic wellness. Crafted with the utmost care, our African Ginger Toothpaste transcends mere dental care, presenting an experience that celebrates tradition, health, and radiance. Elevate your oral care journey today with a touch of African heritage, and revel in the enchanting benefits that this exceptional toothpaste brings to your daily routine. 


 6 Months Fridge Life

Hand Made in UK with Ingredients from Africa and the Caribbean.

Chemical Free and Fluoride free.

Prevents bad breath.

Ginger helps remove plaque and reduces the oral bacteria that contributes to cavities and gum disease.

Whitens teeth and removes plaque and stains.

Tastes delicious, like Caribbean coconut drops.

Can provide temporary pain relief.

Glycerine helps to keep your mouth hydrated which helps protect your gums and teeth enamel.

The product’s glass packaging is a safe and sustainable alternative to plastic.

Vegan and cruelty free.

100% Organic with no chemicals, no preservatives, no artificial fragrances, no artificial flavours and no artificial colours.

. African Root Ginger, Coconut Oil, Glycerine. 100% Organic. PLEASE STORE IN THE FRIDGE.

Scent: Sweet notes of Ginger and Coconut.

Put a generous amount on your toothbrush. Brush teeth, gums and tongue for two minutes then rinse.

If you are diabetic please seek your doctor’s advice before using as Glycerine contains natural starch. This product has been made in an environment that handles nuts and sesame seeds.

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