AfroHairCandy hair range questions: 


Q). Can the hair range be used on relaxed / chemically processed hair?

We do not recommend that you use our hair range on chemically processed hair as it is counter-effective. 

Q). Are the products suitable for men and children?

Yes, our products are versatile, can been used on all hair types for men, women, children and infants. 

Q). How often should I use the Deep Conditioning Treatment? 

We advise using the Deep conditioning Treatment at least once every 4-6 weeks for the best results - your hair does not need to be washed too often. 

Q). How often should I use the Moisture Spray?

The Moisture Spray is a daily spray fro the scalp, and can be used on hair if hair is not in a protective Style. 

Q). What is the fridge / shelf life of the hair range?

The fridge life of the Deep Conditioning Treatment, Moisturiser/Leave in Conditioner and Co-Wash and the Moisturising Hair Gel and Edge Control is 6 months. The shelf life of the Moisture Spray is 6 months, in a warm place and Chebe Butter. 

Q). Can I leave in the Deep Conditioner in my hair overnight?

Yes you can  but in sure you rinse it out in the morning.

Q). Can I use the hair range on coloured hair? 

Yes, the products can be used on coloured and dyed hair. We recommend  dyeing hair using a natural chemical free dye.

Q). Can I use the hair range on bleached hair?

Yes, the the products are perfect for bleached hair as it is usually damaged and dry, however, due to the level of damage that bleach does to the hair strands it is difficult for moisture to penetrate the hair shaft effectively, and so more product will be used. 

Q). Can I use the hair range on my extensions?

Yes you can use the spray on scalp while its in extensions. 

Q). How do I get the best results from the hair range?

We recommend that you follow the above hair care routine, this is an ancient African routine and proven to give best results. We also recommend supplementing your regime with a healthy diet, drinking water and not adding chemically enhanced products to your hair care regime.

Q). Are your reviews on real people? 

Yes,  real customers review our products, we also have many positive comments under our advertisements, Instagram posts and our facebook posts as well.

Q). Can I use the hair range on my thin or fine hair with looser curls?

Yes the products are suitable for all hair types. 

Q). Can I use the products on grey hair? 

Yes, the products can be used on grey hair.

Q). Can I use the products on short hair? 

Yes the products will work the same on short hair as it does on long hair.

Q). I have a sensitive scalp, can I use the hair care and skin care range? 

we can assure you that our products are made for all skin types, and will not cause irritation/inflammation, due to their natural nature. 

Q). I have greasy hair are the hair products suitable for me?

Yes, the hair range can be applied to greasy hair.

Q). Do you have any before & after pictures?

Yes, we have a reviews on our Instagram, please follow @AfroHairCandy

AfroHairCandy body range questions:

Q). How often should I use the Body Butter?

We advise to use the body butter after each bath or shower. 

Q). Is the Body Butter suitable for children?

Yes, the body butter is suitable for men, women, children and infants.


Ethical Trading Standards 

Q). Are your products cruelty free? 

Yes all of the products on the AfroHairCandy website are animal-cruelty free.

Q). Are there any chemicals in your products?

AfroHairCandy only uses plants, seeds and oils. There are absolutely no chemicals, preservatives, artificial colouring or artificial perfume. No chemicals means no harm to your health. 


Q). How much is delivery?

UK standard delivery is £4.50, international shipping is £15.00

Q). How long does delivery take? 

UK standard delivery takes 4-5 working days, international shipping takes between 5-10 days depending on the country. 

Q). Where is AfroHairCandy based? 

AfroHairCandy is based in London, UK

Q). Is AfroHairCandy Vegan?