Natural Intimate Wash For Women 100% Organic, Chemical Free
Natural Intimate Wash For Women 100% Organic, Chemical Free
Natural Intimate Wash For Women 100% Organic, Chemical Free
Natural Intimate Wash For Women 100% Organic, Chemical Free
Natural Intimate Wash For Women 100% Organic, Chemical Free

Natural Intimate Wash For Women 100% Organic, Chemical Free

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We all strive to make informed choices when it comes to our intimate care, prioritising natural and gentle products for our most delicate areas. With Mbembi🍃 Intimate Wash, you can embrace a truly organic and chemical-free approach to vaginal hygiene. This mild and natural cleanser is meticulously handcrafted using only the finest organic and natural ingredients, ensuring that it's 100% free from harsh chemicals and perfumes.

Designed specifically for your vagina and intimate parts, this gentle wash offers a host of benefits that go beyond traditional cleansers. It effectively and delicately cleanses your intimate areas without stripping away the natural oils, preserving the delicate balance of your skin. By maintaining the natural oils, the wash keeps your skin moisturized and helps prevent dryness and discomfort.

What sets Mbembi🍃 Intimate Wash apart is its unique blend of natural pre and probiotics derived from fresh Rosemary, Plantain Skin, and Thyme. These ingredients work synergistically to support the healthy microbiome of your skin, promoting a neutral pH balance. This, in turn, helps to safeguard against yeast and bacterial infections, ensuring optimal vaginal health.

To enhance your intimate care experience, this wash combines the soothing properties of fresh Aloe Vera with the nourishing benefits of tea tree and coconut oils. Together, they provide deep hydration, reduce irritations, and help prevent ingrown hairs. Additionally, they contribute to an odorless and fresh sensation, offering all-day comfort and confidence.

By choosing Mbembi🍃 Intimate Wash, you're not only prioritizing the well-being of your intimate areas but also embracing a natural and holistic approach to intimate care. This thoughtfully crafted cleanser nourishes, protects, and maintains the optimal health of your most delicate parts, empowering you to feel confident, fresh, and comfortable every day.

100ml Made in the UK 

3months shelf life

Organic Ingredients sourced in Africa and the Caribbean

• Naturally Pre and Pro biotics maintains intimate microflora and supports the delicate skin’s barrier functions.
• Sooths skin
• Moisturises and calms skin.
• Provides instant hydration.
• Contains antioxidants, reduces irritations, and inflammation.
• Helps to Prevents and protects and helps to heal thrush and other fungal infections.
• Helps to Prevents and protects against bacterial infections.
• Helps to Prevent and protect against viral infections.
• Helps to fade scars.
• Kills odour causing bacteria.
• Keeps skin, smooth, fresh, and supple.

Packaged in 100ml glass bottle, with a pump dispenser.

.Plantain skin
Aloe vera
Shea butter
Coconut Oil
Tea Tree

Apply one pump onto wet hands and gently distribute on the external area of the vulva to the buttocks area. You will feel a tingling sensation as the ingredients do their job of cleansing, then rinse with lukewarm water.

Feminine hygiene wash, to soothe protect and treat intimate areas gently for all day freshness.

Perfect for delicate and sensitive skin.

3 Months life, store in a cool dry place. do not dilute with water, and so not keep in an area that may contaminate the product with water.

For External Use Only.

This product has been made in an area that handles nuts.

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