Chebe Hair and Scalp Serum
Chebe Hair and Scalp Serum
Chebe Hair and Scalp Serum
Chebe Hair and Scalp Serum
Chebe Hair and Scalp Serum
Chebe Hair and Scalp Serum
Chebe Hair and Scalp Serum
Chebe Hair and Scalp Serum
Chebe Hair and Scalp Serum

Chebe Hair and Scalp Serum

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Embark on a transformative journey with AfroHairCandy🍃 Chebe Hair & Scalp Serum, a cherished creation that has evolved over 22 years, born from love and the quest for true hair restoration.

This serum traces its roots to a powerful source of inspiration – our CEO's mother. Two decades ago, it was crafted with a singular mission: to combat menopausal hair loss. Later, in the face of her mother's Melanoma Cancer diagnosis, the formula was refined to stand as a companion during the trying times of radiotherapy and chemotherapy. It emerged not only as a savior for preventing hair loss but as a gentle healer for a sensitive and distressed scalp.

The making of AfroHairCandy🍃 Chebe Hair & Scalp Serum is an art form, a process that unfolds over 6-8 months. It's a labor of love, involving the infusion of fresh herbs, African spices, and clinically proven oils. Together, they breathe life into this elixir, capable of repairing damaged follicles and shielding them from inactivity, all while promoting fast growth and strengthening strands.

Step into a realm where your hair care becomes an art form, as AfroHairCandy🍃 Chebe Hair & Scalp Serum unveils its exquisite blend of botanical wonders. Crafted meticulously over a span of 6 months, this elixir is a testament to dedication, delivering to you a true masterpiece enriched with biotin, the natural sulfur of fresh onions, and a symphony of hair-strengthening and scalp-soothing nutrients. Within its depths lies the promise of a thriving follicular ecosystem, as it repairs damaged follicles, fortifies roots, and tenderly addresses scalp concerns such as dandruff, scalp eczema, and psoriasis. With focused precision, it stimulates regrowth in areas longing for lushness, making it your unwavering companion on your hair care odyssey.

Discover the embrace of ancient African wisdom, as AfroHairCandy🍃 Chebe Hair & Scalp Serum is artfully infused with herbs and fruits of utmost efficacy. The healing touch of fresh Rosemary, Sage, Lime, and Onions, each renowned for their anti-inflammatory prowess, lovingly shields your scalp from irritations and ushers in the promise of serene restoration. As you apply this serum, you'll witness the remarkable alchemy unfold – fast hair growth, intense moisture infusion, and an embrace of strength that radiates from root to tip.

Experience the perfect synergy by pairing AfroHairCandy🍃 Chebe Hair & Scalp Serum with our Moisture Spray and Cowash. Together, they become the trifecta of scalp soothing and regrowth nurturing, empowering even your thinnest edges with the dream of fullness and resilience.

Dive into the AfroHairCandy🍃 ethos, where nature's essence is revered without compromise. Our Chebe Hair & Scalp Serum is a testament to this philosophy, lovingly crafted with only organic and natural ingredients, devoid of chemicals, alcohols, or mineral oils.

Elevate your hair care to an exquisite ritual with AfroHairCandy🍃 Chebe Hair & Scalp Serum, and marvel at the captivating transformation that unfolds. Unlock the potential of nature's finest, and watch your hair and scalp bloom into a tapestry of health, vitality, and unparalleled beauty.

 6 months life
Made in the UK from ingredients sourced in Africa and the Caribbean.

Accelerates Hair Growth: Our serum is infused with natural ingredients that stimulate hair follicles, promoting faster and healthier hair growth.

2. Strengthens and Fortifies Hair: The potent blend of organic nutrients strengthens hair strands, reducing breakage and improving overall hair resilience.

3. Nourishes the Scalp: Enjoy a well-nourished scalp with our serum, which soothes and revitalizes, creating the ideal environment for strong, thriving hair.

4. Prevents Hair Loss: Say goodbye to hair loss worries as our serum works to prevent hair loss and maintain a fuller, voluminous head of hair.

5. Restores Thinning Edges: Experience the magic of our serum as it helps to grow back thinning edges, restoring fullness and enhancing hairline appearance.

6. Revitalises Dry and Damaged Hair: The natural oils in our serum deeply moisturize and repair dry, damaged hair, leaving it soft, smooth, and rejuvenated.

7. Soothes Scalp Irritations: Embrace the calming properties of our serum, ideal for soothing scalp irritations like psoriasis and scalp eczema.

8. Chemical-Free and Organic: With a commitment to your hair's health, our serum contains only organic, natural ingredients, free from harmful chemicals and mineral oils.

9. Promotes Thicker, Healthier Hair: Witness the transformation of your hair into a beautiful, thick, and healthy mane with the consistent use of our serum.

10. Holistic Hair Care: AfroHairCandy's Chebe Hair and Scalp Serum offers a holistic approach to hair care, combining the best of nature's gifts for ultimate hair wellness.

Experience the magic of AfroHairCandy's Chebe Hair and Scalp Serum and unlock the full potential of your hair. Revel in the beauty of natural, chemical-free ingredients, and embrace a hair care journey that celebrates the strength and beauty of your hair.

Pacakged in a 100ml Glass Jar

Bergamot Oil
Fresh Rose Mary
Caster Oil
Fresh Onions
Coconut Oil
Fresh Thyme
Fresh Sage
Fresh Lavender Flowers
Lemon Zest
Fresh Mint
Tea Tree Oil
Cedar Wood Seeds
Grape Seeds Oil

For Edges, Hair Loss, Bald Patches and Hair Growth: Apply 2-3 drops in affected areas or through the scalp, then massage gently over the scalp. Do this every night 20 minutes before going to sleep to allow it to absorb into your scalp.

For Psoriasis: Apply our moisture spray to affected areas, then apply 2-3 drops of Chebe Hair and scalp Serum. Massage the area for a few minutes then use a small comb to gently comb out the dead skin. Do this daily. Once Psoriasis symptoms disappear, continue with this routine 2-3 times weekly to maintain healthy scalp.

For scalp treatment to treat eczema and dandruff: Apply our moisture spray on your scalp, then apply 2-3 drops of Chebe Hair and scalp Oil. Massage the area for a few minutes then apply our Cowash or deep conditioning treatment from root to tips. Allow 3o minutes then rinse.

As a hot oil treatment: Apply our moisture spray on your hair and scalp, followed by 4-5 drops of our Chebe Hair and scalp serum in sections from root to tips, cover with a shower cap for 30 minutes using heat to steam, then rinse. Follow through with using our Cowash to wash and condition your hair.

AfroHairCandy🍃 Chebe Hair & Scalp Serum is perfect for:

- Individuals experiencing hair loss, thinning hair, or bald patches.
- Those seeking a natural and organic solution for hair regrowth.
- People dealing with scalp irritations such as psoriasis, eczema, and dandruff.
- Anyone looking to strengthen their hair and prevent breakage.
- Individuals in need of a safe and chemical-free hair care option.
- Those who want to accelerate hair growth and promote healthier hair follicles.
- Individuals with various hair types and textures.
- People who prefer a lightweight and non-greasy serum for their scalp.
- Anyone interested in a clinically proven solution with over 15 years of research.
- Individuals seeking a holistic approach to hair care and restoration.

SHAKE WELL before use, May Solidify below 26 degrees Celsius. If it solidifies, run it under a hot tap.

Keep away from eyes.
This product has been made in an environment that handles nuts.

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