Bamboo Curved Beard Brush/Slicking Hair Brush
Wooden Beard/Hair Brush
Wooden Beard/Hair Brush
Wooden Beard/Hair Brush
Wooden Beard/Hair Brush

Bamboo Curved Beard Brush/Slicking Hair Brush

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Achieve sleek, polished looks for both your beard and hair with our versatile smoothing brush, expertly crafted from bamboo with nylon bristles coated in bamboo. This natural and portable tool is perfect for taming flyaways and reducing frizz, offering a smooth finish whether you're styling your beard or slicking back your hair. The bamboo construction not only lends an eco-friendly touch but also adds a gentle, conditioning effect, leaving your hair and beard looking effortlessly groomed and refined. Embrace the dual benefits of our bamboo smoothing brush for a flawless appearance anytime, anywhere. 


Hand sized, making it easy to hold and manoeuvre.

Made from bamboo, grown with no pesticides. Bamboo is naturally durable, antibacterial, anti-fungal and odour resistant. Bamboo is also filled with anti-oxidants and improves blood circulation, helping strengthen the hair and encourage growth.

Nylon bristles are gentle on hair and scalp, helping prevent frizz and split ends.

Helps distribute natural oils, improves blood flow and encourages growth.

Helps remove product reside from the scalp, and redistributes down the length of the hair, helping the hair stay cleaner and more hydrated.

Brushing the beard in a particular direction, helps train the hair to grow in the direction you want.

This hair brush comes completely plastic free and packed in a satin pouch.


Creating a smooth finishing touch during styling.
Styling on the go.

100% Natural Bamboo, Nylon bristles.

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