Healthy Beard


Does it work on Facial Hair? 🍃




Having a healthy beard is just as important a part of self-grooming as is your hair care.

We are here to help you develop a daily routine to ensure you have a thick, full, sift beard, filling in any patches or thinning areas, by nourishing your beard daily with the AfroHairCandy Beard Set.

The combination of these products should be used daily:

Thé Cowash is a natural cleanser to wash and condition your beard daily, while also ensuring the skin your beard is growing is healthy, with no shaving bumps.

The Moisturiser and Leave-in Conditioner ensures your beard is well nourished, moisturized, and soft. It stops shedding while helping the skin to be supple to support beard growth.

Chebe Butter is applied following the application of the Moisturiser/Leave-in Conditioner, to seal the moisture on your beard in order to prevent breakage. The Chebe Butter also supports your beard with fast growth and filling in thinning patches.

Using these three products daily will ensure your beard is healthy, thick, and has a fast rate of growth while remaining soft and shiny.