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What's in your toothpaste?

Written By Carine Mbembi Whyte.
Have you ever stopped to consider what's in your toothpaste?

It has been proved in science and medical fields that common products such as toothpaste... are known to contain an array of chemicals that corrodes the brain with prolonged use.

They are harmful to your teeth and gums and they contain abrasive ingredients that cause micro-abrasions.

In fact! There are popular illnesses that we suffer in older age that would not exist if we stopped consuming conventional toothpaste.

And studies carried out since 2012 have shown that Fluoride, Lead, Mercury and other toxic chemicals have been found in conventional tubes of toothpaste and that most manufacturers are not transparent in listing the ingredients in their popular names, but rather using scientific jargon to mask the ingredients.

Although these ingredients are not consumed in large amounts in tubes of toothpaste, with prolonged use it has been proven to cause brain drain which can be very serious. They are quickly absorbed through our gums, going straight to our bloodstream.

It has been said that there are brain deteriorations that happen in older age that would not exist if toothpaste did not exist.

In children, toothpaste has been proven to gradually reduce children's attention span and IQ.

What do we use were I'm from?

In my village in Congo, we use charcoal, the one leftover from the wood fire, after cooking. We use a tree stem called Telisa, we use Coconut Oil, Ginger, and Sugar Cane, and we use our fingers and water if all else fails, as we truly don't have access to other forms of toothpaste in the rural parts of Congo.

From sheer observations, memory loss doesn't seem to be an issue with our elders back home, although there are no studies to confirm this. It has been noted though that African teeth are very strong and secure, because not only are there serious health risks linked to conventional tubes of toothpaste, but together with the use of plastic toothbrushes, they remove enamel from your teeth, making them very sensitive, and they recede your gums all of which can lead to you losing your teeth prematurely.


What's the way forward?

With AfroSkinCandy, we are taking you back to our roots, by using just what nature has provided for us to use for our personal care. Our toothpaste is made with 2 simple active ingredients, African Ginger and Coconut Oil.

In turn, they clean your teeth and your mouth, completely eliminating bad breath. Our toothpaste is a natural teeth whitener, that removes plaque, protects your enamel, removes stains and ensures your gums are healthy, preventing gum disease. This way you get to keep your teeth for longer, with complete peace of mind that your health will not be at risk.

We dare to be different from ancient recipes passed down from our ancestors by using just plants, seeds and oils to produce high-quality products without compromising on your health while achieving amazing results.

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With Love,
Carine Mbembi Whyte