Hair Loss Prevention & Cure (2022 Update!) AfroHairCandy

Hair Loss Prevention & Cure (2022 Update!)

Written By Carine Whyte.
Dear Reader.

The journey to hair loss is a dark path we all dread so much. It's faster than we expect it to be. It's more sudden than we can comprehend. And all it takes to lose all the hair you have worked really hard to grow is one SIMPLE MISTAKE. So if you like we can even say you are one SIMPLE MISTAKE away from losing the crown you never take off... which is your hair.

So what are these simple mistakes? How can we prevent them? And in the unfortunate event that we fall victim to these mistakes. How can we cure them in 2022?

Well. Count yourself lucky because these are the answers you'll find in this blog post. So if any of those questions piqued your interest. Pay attention. because this will be the most eye-opening and educating article you'll read today.
Now preventing hair loss is something to work on daily by being mindful of how you are styling your hair. the products you are using to care for your hair. and how you take care of your fragile hair.

Amongst all these. Using bad products is the deadliest. because it makes your follicles weak... and intolerant to any form of styling or manipulation. (Traction Alopecia)

So if you have been using bad products.

You'll see that you lose more hair than normal when you style your hair, brush it or even wash it.
So how do you identify these bad products?
More on this later. But for now. try as much as possible to avoid products that contain ingredients you would not put in your mouth.

Ensure the ingredients in your product are grown from the ground... and treat your hair and scalp with kindness.
What are the early signs?
Early signs of Traction Alopecia might show up as little bumps on your scalp that look like spots.

And as the condition progresses. the main symptoms are hair thinning and bald patches in different areas.

The hair along the front and sides of your scalp is also affected. And when it's not treated. the condition jumps to the centre vertex. (the middle of your head).

However, depending on your hairstyle. You may also notice hair loss in other areas of your scalp.

Some other symptoms of Traction Alopecia include:

1.) Redness of the scalp
2.) Bumps
3.) Soreness or stinging of your scalp
4.) Itching
5.) Scaling
6.) Folliculitis(inflammation of the hair follicles)
7.) Pus-filled blisters on your scalp

And eventually, the hair follicles become so damaged and scarred... that they can no longer produce new hair.
What's the Prevention & Cure?

Well. The bad products I told you about are chemically enhanced products. and avoiding them will make a huge difference in your hair journey... to prevent hair loss and maintain healthy hair and scalp.

If the deed has been done and you have lost your hair or if you are experiencing any of these symptoms... no matter how small.

AfroHairCandy products are the best solution to get your hair back to where it used to be. because every ingredient in AfroHairCandy's haircare range... is what nature intended for us to use as part of our personal care.

The ingredients are natural healthy foods. that we can consume as part of a balanced diet.

The products contain natural healing ingredients. that will prevent the collapse of your follicles. Rebuild them and also heal any follicles that become dormant as a result of trauma.

And on top of this, it'll also ensure your hair is strong. healthy and free from shedding or breakage.

Now if we want to get more specific we can also point out that our cleansing duo... the Deep Conditioning Treatment and the Cowash will ensure... that your scalp is an inviting environment for growth... by getting rid of dead skin cells and rejuvenating your scalp.

Our Moisture Spray keeps your hair growing rapidly... and keeps your scalp supple/itchy free.

Also. Using the LOC method daily for your hair... and spraying your scalp will keep your hair moist while in a protective style.

So anytime hair loss occurs. Or anytime you experience these symptoms. Getting our expert guidance. Treating your hair delicately... and using this same set of products is all the cure you need to take back your crown (hair) and wear it with pride.

Carine Mbembi Whyte.
C.E.O AfroHairCandy.🍃

P.S: AfroHairCandy is based on Ancient African hair care methods. Using only Organic, Natural Ingredients, made by us, for us, with love.