Can Damaged Hair Be Repaired? AfroHairCandy

Can Damaged Hair Be Repaired?

Written By Carine Mbembi Whyte.
There are so many products that promise to repair damaged hair. Hair is technically dead tissue and has no nervous system, blood, or cell regeneration. Because hair is not a living tissue with regenerative ability, it cannot heal and repair. We tend to use processed oils, silicon filled conditioners, proteins or other ingredients to disguise the issues temporarily but it’s akin to using makeup on the face, they sit on your hair shaft, creating build-up, and then they wash off.
Once that happens, you’ll see that your hair remains damaged and the only solution is time, a pair of shears, and taking steps to prevent new damage.
AfroHairCandy is your permanent solution to preventing new damage to your hair. The products will manage damaged hair by ensuring no further damage travels down your hair shaft. Our rich, pure blend of fresh ingredients will keep your hair moist, with plant-based moisture, plus, you will be able to nourish, feed and protect your hair from further damage while enhancing your curl pattern and easily detangling your hair. AfroHairCandy's products penetrate your hair shaft (no product build-up) to offer nourishment that will strengthen your hair, as essentially, our products are your hair's food!

On the right, it is hair with other products.
Join the AfroHairCandy family now, to enhance your Chemical Free Hair journey experience using our products made with just Plants, Seeds and Oils.