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The Weird Secret To Fuller Edges Explained.

The secret to full edges is to leave your hairline alone.  The biggest culprit when it comes to thinning edges are your hairstyles.  Styles that tug and pull at hair, or that involve your hair being weighed down by heavy braids will cause hair to be pulled from its follicles, which also damage your follicles over time.  This results in thinning hair and even bald patches may appear over time.  The hairs that grow at your temples are very fragile and are of thinner strands than the rest of your hair, and so they must always be handled delicately. 



Our ancestors knew better

Plants, Seeds and Oils have been used in Africa since the devil was a child, for personal care.  Our ancestors used everything in nature to ensure they lived a quality of life that was sustainable, and that also produced real results.  These methods were passed down from generations to generation to ensure that it wasn't lost, even through colonialism.  With AfroHairCandy, we have brought together our ancestors ancient recipes to work with our modern ideologies in order to ensure that you are going back to your roots with ease.


How to treat thinning edges 




These types of big, heavy braids will pull out your hair all over, making your follicles produce dinner strands of hair, but in particular they do a lot of damage to your Edges.  You'll notice that when you stop pulling on your edges and you are dedicated to applying the products daily, they will grow back, however, at the point of hair pulling where there will be a new line of hair loss from the pull....



What should be your daily ritual to get your edges back?

Apply the Moisture Spray to your scalp, all over, but with a focus on your edges.


Then apply the Moisturiser/Leave in Conditioner 


Finally, apply the Chebe Butter.



These three steps are called the LOC method.  They ensure that your follicles remain active in producing good quality growth, the new strands of hair that will be coming in will be well nourished so that they don't just fall off again, together with hairs that may be there already, and the Chebe butter ensures that the moisture is sealed in to prevent breakage.  It also supports the Moisture Spray in producing growth.  These steps should be done daily to regrow your edges. 


Our New Mulberry Silk headbands are perfect for covering your edges while you are growing them back.  The luxury silk will allow the front part of your scalp to breath, allowing oxygen and sunlight in, and it will protect your hair from further breakage, unlike other materials that are harsh to an already fragile area.  


Our Recovery Sets of products are able to reverse some of the most serious cases of hair loss, with our expert guidance and your consistency.  We recommend you take pictures monthly.    If you buy our recovery set, ask for guidance on our wed chat. We also send a printed guide to support you through your hair care journey.   We are here to support you.   💚