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The Only Incurable Hair Problem.

Written By Carine Mbembi Whyte.
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Split ends are a result of fraying or splitting of the hair fibre, most typically at the end of the strand, although splitting can occasionally occur further up the hair shaft. Everyone gets split ends but not to the same degree. All hair types can suffer from split ends due to other, non-genetic/ethnic factors but curly and coily hair is more likely to develop split ends due to its fragile nature.

You may have more or less split ends than someone else due to how you style your hair, the level of manipulation you put it through, the products you use, and if you put any heated tools through your hair. There are environmental conditions like the weather, particularly the cold, pollution and lifestyle can also affect the quality of your hair, making it more prone to damage which can cause split ends.

Different Types Of Split Ends.

Split ends are straggly and uneven at the ends, with the lengths looking flat and dull. This is because the cuticles (the overlapping scales that cover the hair strand's core) are damaged, they don't lie down flat against the fibre or curl around each hair as they usually would.

This means the light does not reflect as well off the hair, which is why people with split ends often notice a lack of shine to their hair. The damaged cuticles are also less supple, and they tend to tangle, create knots, and break.

They also do not absorb products and so they’re really dry. More so, the damage has the potential to travel down the airshaft, destroying the length of hair. This makes it difficult to retain length and have healthy hair.

Causes Of Split Ends.

This is a statement of the fragility of afro hair… Split ends can be caused by towel drying and harsh brushing of your hair. Rubbing against the hair too roughly can weaken the cuticles and even break the fibre. Instead, it’s better to squeeze out excess moisture using a cotton t-shirt before allowing your hair to air dry.

Another known cause of split ends is combing hair dry….Heat damage is one of the major causes of split ends and when too high, it breaks the chemical bonds, which normally provide strength to the hair fibre. This is why we recommend you avoid heat to your hair completely.

Prevention & Cure

There's really nothing that can be done about split ends except to cut them off.

Once you've gotten rid of them, it's time to ensure you are practising kind methods of manipulating your hair, while using the right products to support you in your journey.

Using AfroHairCandy will ensure that your trimming is kept to a minimum, as your hair will be well-nourished and moisturised. Our products are so nourishing that together with correct practices of hair handling, they will minimise split ends from occurring.

LOC Method: The ingenuity our ancestors had in developing this method of conditioning our curly hair, is to this day a lifesaver that works on every hair type.

Applying our Moisture spray, followed by the Moisturiser/Leave-in Conditioner and Chebe Butter to your hair is the AfroHairCandy LOC method. This is vital prior to putting your hair in a protective style, after using our Deep Conditioning Treatment.

Once your hair is a protective style, ensure that every few days you are applying the loc method through the length of your hair, paying particular attention to your ends and keeping them tucked away, to protect them from the elements.

This works so well due to the fresh plants in our products. they give your hair elastin, they open the cuticles to offer moisture and nourishment, while the oils are there to seal the moisture in protecting hair from breakage of every kind.

What else can help?

Using wood on your hair will make a huge difference in ensuring you are staying on the positive path of doing what is best for your hair. Our Bamboo combs and brushes distribute natural oils evenly through your hair shaft, and they don't tear your hair.

Wood communicates well with you, and so when there's a Knott or tangle in your hair, our Bamboo combs and brushes, will stop at the pull so that you do not tear your hair, but use your fingers to gently detangle. This in turn also helps to prevent split ends.

Reducing heat to your hair, and ensuring your air styling your hair gently will make the world of difference. Please remember that afro hair is the most fragile hair of all hair types and so it really needs your TLC plus plenty of patience.

Using silk for hair bands, pillowcases and headscarves will be your best friends in your hair journey. Silk helps to prevent split ends as they do not tear your hair, they do not absorb moisture nor cause friction hair loss.

It is our privilege to guide you through your hair journey.

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