Hair Loss treatment for females

Maintain, Restore and Grow Healthy Hair with AfroHairCandy 🍃

Hair Loss treatment


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Hair loss is very stressful and can have a big impact on your confidence. What you can see on the left photo, both taken within 3 months of this customer's # afrohaircandy🍃 journey - her hair grew back after 17 years of heavy locs, causing traction Alopecia, her hair was restored, although she still has a way to go. The customer on the right hair loss was caused by tight styling, and restored in 4 months.


Our products are versatile in their use. They are used to maintain healthy, thick, soft and growing hair while ensuring length retention.


They can be usedfor everybody in your household, from mom to dad, kids and babies (grandparents and grandparents too!) as they are completely natural, with no Chemicals and No Preservatives.


If you have a severe case of hair loss, see our recovery kits below and get in touch so that we can support you with a FREE hair loss recovery care plan.


Hair Tip: Allow your hair and scalp at least 1 hour of exposure to natural light, sun and oxygen daily.  Wearing wigs while trying to restore your hair will slow our progress. 

Steps to Maintain and Grow Healthy Hair 🍃


Step 1

Change your habits -  refrain from tight protective styling which damages the hair follicles to the point of making them dormant. 


Understanding the dangers of using chemically enhanced products as a part of your haircare regime. Not only do these products contain ingredients you cannot pronounce, but they are also likely harmful to your hair. 


They destroy your scalp’s ability to produce thick strands of hair as the follicles shrink, in defence mode against chemical exposure, in the shampoos, leave-in conditioners, hot oil treatments and etc, collectively leading to hair loss.


Have an understanding that wearing wigs also leads to hair loss as they suffocate the follicles, slow circulation around your scalp, and cause traction alopecia to the edges. They should not be used as a protective style or a way to hide hair loss as they cause more damage.


Step 2 

Start with our Deep Hair Conditioning Treatment - Apply to dry hair in sections, work a generous amount of the product from the root to end while focusing on the scalp and the hair tips, then finger comb through. 

Leave in for 60 minutes under a plastic cap or 30 minutes if using a steamer. Gently massage through the hair and scalp as you rinse. DO NOT USE SHAMPOO. 

This treatment acts as a detangler, to prevent shedding during your hair cleansing while it also conditions your hair and scalp. It lifts dead skin cells on your scalp, to ensure your scalp remains supple, and repairs hair from damage. 


Step 3

Use our  Cowash, it gently cleanses the hair and also conditions the hair and scalp. Use weekly for hair cleansing, once is enough but the less frequent the better. The Cowash heals the scalp where needed, making the scalp an inviting environment for growth. 

Step 4

The next step is to use the Moisture Spray. Spray on the scalp first, then spray on the tip of your hair, daily. The Moisture Spray keeps your scalp moist in order to produce new growth rapidly. 

Step 5 

Apply the Moisturiser/ Leave-in Conditioner on a daily basis. 

Step 6

After Moisturising your hair with the Leave-in Conditioner. Part your hair then, rub the Chebe Butter to your fingertips, rubbing on to the hair from the roots to tips. The Chebe Butter seals in your hair's moisture stopping breakages as your hair grows and gains length. 

On areas that are badly affected with hair loss, apply the last three products daily with a focus on these areas.

The AfroHairCandy🍃  Set comes with a guide on how to use the products. By following the guide you will have a step-by-step routine to help grow and maintain your hair. 


 Do our products work? 🍃

The diversity in these products is due to its purity in being 💯 natural with no chemicals, no preservatives, no artificial perfumes and no artificial colouring. Using ancient methods in our blend of natural ingredients makes it so that the products can be used as a healer for traumatised hair and scalp for men, women and children - without having to buy a separate range to maintain healthy hair and scalp.


Restore severe cases of hair loss (Alopecia) with our AfroHairCandy🍃 Recovery Set



When trying to restore your hair from severe cases of Alopecia, we recommend using our Silk Recovery Set. This features  silk accessories to support you through your journey in restoring your hair.  This set also features our Co-wash which is ideal in the healing process of a traumatised scalp. Co-wash cleaning cures the scalp while conditioning the hair, making it ready for regrowth, in collaboration with the products included in the Recovery Set.

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