Bamboo Parting Comb
Bamboo Parting Comb
Bamboo Parting Comb
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Bamboo Parting Comb

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This Bamboo parting comb helps to prevent frizz and flyaway hairs during styling and is particularly great for creating lines and partings during styling. Other than your fingers, there is nothing else that can get through curls and coils, without causing static and split ends, while efficiently detangling your hair, than wooden combing tolls.  


AfroHairCandy🍃 Bamboo Tail Comb is 100% natural and biodegradable and  essential for styling and grooming afro hair to avoid damage and breakage of the hair shaft. Our combs with wide wooden teeth allow for natural oils in the scalp to evenly distribute through the hair lengths to naturally nurture, care and protect your hair. It is essential for styling and grooming curly and coily hair to avoid loss of protien plus to avoid damage and breakage of the hair shaft, as plastic combs tend to cause.


Environmentally friendly

Bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world! It grows around 24-48 inches per day, enabling fast and frequent harvesting without causing damage to the bamboo forest ecosystem. Bamboo also has a unique antibacterial quality making it naturally antibacterial, anti-fungal and odour resistant.


Benefits of using the AfroHairCandy🍃 Wide Tooth Comb:  

    • Made from natural Bamboo grown with no pesticides. 

    • Stimulates and promotes blood circulation 

    • Gentle on the hair and scalp 

    • Wide tooth wooden comb for easy combing on curly and coily hair. 

    • Eliminates split ends 

    • Helps to prevent hair damage and breakage 

    • Creates healthy, lustrous hair 

    • Anti-static and detangles 

    • Naturally nurtures the hair 

    • Suitable for vegans 

  • Hand crafted in D.R. Congo


Packing Material: 

This hair comb comes completely plastic free and packed in a satin pouch.

These natural bamboo hair combs & brushes will last you years, but when the time eventually comes to replace it, they are made from all natural materials that are biodegradable.


Made in D.R.Congo


100% Natural Bamboo


Always comb your hair from the tips, while holding the base, and working your way down gradually.  


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