Functional Skincare With Mbembi🍃

Functional Skincare With Mbembi🍃


      Mbembi Skincare

      We all want beautiful skin but as you get older you may notice this takes a little more effort to achieve. Consequently, the beauty market is filled with products that promise to help. But to maximise profit, natural ingredients are minimal, cheap fillers bulk them out and inexpensive chemical preservatives are used to extend their shelf life. What you’ll experience is products that produce minimal, temporary results and potential adverse reactions to the chemicals used.

      With Mbembi🍃, made by AfroHairCandy🍃 we like to do things differently. Introducing a range of organic skincare range formulated 100% Chemicals Free, no synthetics and fillers, made from just fresh Plants, Seeds and Oils, because we think beauty should be without compromise.

      It's a fusion of nature and science, we use the best natural ingredients at high concentrations to bring you skincare, that produces exceptional results.

      We make everything in small batches, ensuring their quality and freshness, because fresh ingredients produce powerful results.

      Our ageless skin collection harnesses the botanical power of seaweed and African beauty traditions, to nourish, hydrate and protect your skin, diminishing uneven skin tone, lines, wrinkles and signs of stress and fatigue. For beautiful skin at any age.

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