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Why Natural Hair Products Are Bad For You.

Written by Carine Mbembi Whyte.

Dear Reader.

Everything you have been told is untrue. Natural hair products are bad for you. And I spent 942 words proving it to you, so the next time someone tries to convince you that natural hair products are good for you. You'll be well informed because in today's blog post. I dig up all the reasons why these products cause more chaos than all the hair problems you can think of combined.

I hope I didn't reveal this to you too late. My God! I hope you don't have some of these natural hair products in your possession already. Because if you have them and you have been tricked into using them. You might have done some serious damage to your hair. Anyway, all that ends today. Because with what you are about to read. Nobody else will ever trick you into using these natural hair products.

The Difference Between Natural Hair Products and Natural Products for Hair.

We know there are so many narratives out there so we wanted you to know the subtle differences that are pushed in the Afro Hair Market.

Today, the one we'll be looking at is the difference between Natural Hair Products and Natural Products for Hair.

You might have heard the former but you might not have heard the latter. Not to worry, We are happy to explain...

Natural Hair Products.

These are products designed for natural hair. They will usually contain essential oils, and they usually don't contain Lye as this ingredient is known for changing curl patterns. They may also contain extracts from plants such as Aloe Vera.

Why is this not great for Natural hair?

This is not great because these products still contain a huge amount of fillers, preservatives, alcohols, sulphates, silicon, and all other ingredients that allow the products to increase the volume of the natural ingredients and decrease production costs.

Alcohol is bad for your hair/scalp as it sucks out all the moisture from your hair, making it very dry and brittle within a very short time of applying any product that contains this ingredient.

It also is a known irritant of the scalp, causing various forms of dermatitis, which can result in hair loss. Alcohols also roughen your hair's cuticles, which causes frizz and it's generally seen as a fast track way to creating breakage.

Apart from Alcohol, Sulphates are a known scalp irritant. They disturb your production of natural oils as your follicles close as soon as the hair is exposed to them. This leads to your scalp being very dry and flaky. If your follicles are unable to produce Sebum (natural oils) your hair shaft will find it impossible to absorb moisture. This will lead to abnormal amounts of Shedding and inevitably will lead to hair thinning and balding.


Apart from Sulphates, Silicon is found in most Hair Conditioners. Although it isn't a toxic chemical, the coating of silicon on your hair shaft will make your hair smoother, however, it closes your cuticles which in turn does not allow absorption of moisture. The silicon coating on your hair also creates product build-up as everything that is applied to your hair sits on your hair shaft, not penetrating. Hair that is not nourished will be dry, brittle and prone to damage and breakage.

Don't forget All ingredients that end with OL are alcoholic, CON is Silicon, ATE is Sulphates, UM Sodium (a form of salt used as preservatives) Sometimes these ingredients can be masked by using other scientific names such as Sulphate Laureth is a form of Sulphate. Sulphates can also be written as Sulfate, to create more confusion... It's the same as Sulphate!


What are Natural Products for Hair?

These are products that are 100% Chemical Free.
The full list of Ingredients in Natural Products for Hair are ingredients that you can eat.

Products that contain no chemicals are what nature intended for us to use on our hair, skin and the entire body as part of our self-care. The ingredients list of your products should not contain a single ingredient that does not grow from the ground.


Why is this better for your hair?

As this is how nature intended for us to look after our hair, the body develops no defence mechanisms in shutting your cuticles or shrinking your follicles at its exposure.

Natural products for hair will nourish your hair, as the cuticles remain open to receive moisture, even during the cleansing process.

Those of us with curly hair do not produce Sebum efficiently in the western hemisphere. This is because its production relies on the sun and the ability to sweat, on your scalp. This combination is rare in cold and dry weather, and so the little natural oils that we do produce need to be cherished. It plays a vital role in maintaining healthy hair and scalp.

All products that contain preservatives and Chemicals strip hair of this precious natural oil, leaving your hair vulnerable to damage and your scalp irritable. On the contrary, Natural Products for Hair allow you to maintain healthy hair and scalp, as it does not strip your hair of natural oils nor coat your hair to become impenetrable to moisture. It allows your scalp to be healthy while producing rapid growth, your hair will be moist, with minimal shedding and your ends will be strong with no breakage.

If your Natural Products for hair are also Organic then it's a huge bonus, as non Organic ingredients will contain Fertilisers and Pesticides which will penetrate the core of the ingredients, changing its DNA and making it inefficient in its properties.

Natural products have a multitude of functionalities and they do not depend on hair type.

Don't forget 100% Chemical Free products should be fridge stored products with a short shelf life. They should go mouldy if not kept in temperature controlled environment or if kept past the expiry date. They cause no health risks as they are plant-based products with Crude Oils.

With AfroHairCandy we are proud to be the only Cosmetics Company in the world, hand-making a full range of 100% Natural, Organic Products made with just Plants, Seeds and Oils. No Chemicals, No Preservatives, No Artificial Colouring, No Artificial Perfumes.

This is really important in order to ensure that we are giving ourselves the best chance to maintain healthy hair and scalp as nature intended. Our products offer rapid hair growth, drastically reduced shedding, and no breakage. In cases of hair loss, they reverse it and regrow your hair with the safety of the ingredients in mind.

We don't have problematic hair... It's the bad ingredients, that make our hair care problematic.

We made AfroHairCandy products for you, with love.

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Carine Mbembi Whyte
C.E.O AfroHairCandy.🍃