How damaging is hair colouring? AfroHairCandy

How damaging is hair colouring?

Written By Carine Whyte.

We don't want to burst your bubble about covering your greys or changing your hair colour for fun or style, but we want to point out the damage it causes to your hair and to support you through doing it as safely as possible.

 What happens when you apply dye?

When you apply dye to your hair, you're opening up cuticles so that colour can be deposited. This invasion can cause damage to your hair as dye penetrates hair fibre and breaks a number of the structural bonds that hold protein stands together. This leaves hair brittle and porous, in turn, more prone to damage. The harsh chemicals in dyes also penetrating your scalp will not help with maintaining a healthy scalp.

How much damage can really actually occur?

Hair underneath the scalp cannot be affected by dye, and so hair dye does not stop hair growth, although if the scalp is exposed to the dye, it can become damaged which in turn can affect hair growth.

The manipulation of airshaft white applying the dye, in rubbing and combing hair while dyeing hair loosens hairs in Telogen, causing increased shedding.

Hair dye physically weakens hair shafts, increasing breakage caused hair loss.

Hair dyes can cause hair Telogen Effluvium hair loss. The symptoms include hair thinning and an increase in shedding.

Maintaining Healthy Dyed hair and scalp with AfroHairCandy

Ensuring dye does not touch your scalp is the best advice we can give, as the less chemical exposure to your scalp, the more you reduce the chances of developing scalp irritations and Dermatitis.

Using our Multifunctional Deep Conditioning Treatment right after washing out the Dye will open the cuticles to restore moisture to your hair and to restore protein lost due to the colouring process.

Daily routine with Coloured hair

Applying the LOC method, (our Moisture Spray, Moisturiser/Leave-in Conditioner and Chebe Butter) will sustain moisture daily to your hair, and ensure it has elastin while reducing breakage and shedding drastically. The suggested products for our loc method work well applied simultaneously due to the rich blend of fresh Plants, Seeds and Oils. They will gradually neutralise the chemicals hair have been exposed to while reducing the chances of damage travelling down each hair shaft.

Deep Conditioning is life!

When your hair is dyed, please do not ignore the power or regular deep conditioning.