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Hair Loss Prevention & Cure For Our Men



Finding A Daily Routine Fit For Kings 

I’m really not trying to be sexist with the observation that the vast majority of our men struggle with developing a consistent hair care routine, and sustaining it for a long period of time.  
We are here to support you to achieve your hair goals, if you just please remain consistent.  
Consider your hair care routine as essential as brushing your teeth.  It should be an integral part of your of your self care, and in fact, male hair loss is vastly caused by lack of care in having no hair care routine.
Regular exposure to hard water on your scalp will shrink the follicles over time.  Shrunken follicles produce finer hairs and eventually your scalp will stop producing hair altogether as the follicles will close, under these conditions. 
 The skin on your beard is much different as it expects to be washed daily, the follicles in that area are more tolerant, however, they too still need to be looked after.  Applying our Cowash to your beard daily will protect your skin from damage from the harsh water. It ensures your beard is moist, and able to continue producing natural oils. 
In cases where you need to maintain healthy hair and scalp, the Cowash once weekly, followed by using the Moisture Spray and the Moisturiser/Leave in Conditioner daily will also prevent hair loss, by keeping your scalp and your hair nourish and moisturised.
 In cases of hair loss, your daily routine needs to consist of applying the Moisture Spray, Moisturiser/Leave in Conditioner and Chebe Butter daily, while washing your hair with the Cowash once weekly, or going as long as you can without exposing your hair to water.  
A silk pillowcase also makes a difference as you’re restoring your hair. It prevents friction hair loss and allows you to retail moisture to your hair as you sleep.  
The main lesson to take from this is that your hair and scalp need to be looked after on a daily basis.  The sooner you develop a routine of nourishing it, the sooner you start your quest in keeping your hair for a life time. 
With Love,