Read This! If You Have Ever Lost A Strand Of Hair. AfroHairCandy

Read This! If You Have Ever Lost A Strand Of Hair.

How does it Happen?

We see so many cases of hair loss and we see far too many people who don't understand how they lost their hair, and so we thought we'd try to explain hair loss in the afro/curly hair community with a little bit more detail.  



This is what a healthy follicle looks like.  The hair shaft is out to receive oxygen, sunlight and nourishment.  This is all very important as if hair is not nourished, it will break.  Beneath the scalp is where the real work is taking place.  The scalp's job is to protect the Epidermis.  The Epidermis gives blood supply to the scalp and protects the glands and blood vessels that are there to produce and nourish hair from within.  The Sebaceous Gland produces Sebum (AKA Natural Oils) The Arrector Pili Muscle feeds the Epidermis the blood supply that comes from the blood vessels, which are connected to the Hair Pipilla to feed hair follicles with oxygenated blood (red blood vessels) while deoxygenated blood is taken back from the hair bulb and to back to the heart to be recycled. (Yes we breathe through our scalp too!). The Epidermis is a layer of fat, made to protect the skull and the functionalities of everything I have named above. 



From left to right, the first picture shows healthy hair growth, with blood vessels attached to the follicles, and a full-sized hair follicle.  As the follicle experiences trauma (could be from traction pulling, chemicals and suffocation) they shrink in size and blood vessels weaken as they try to hold on (second illustration) as less blood and oxygen feeds the hair shaft and it starts to detach from the follicle.  If the trauma continues, the blood vessels and all other attachments that feed the follicle completely detach from the blood vessels (third illustration), leaving the hair above lifeless and dead.  The scalp and Epidermis also get damaged (as shown on the picture below, the start of hair loss from traction) from the follicle and the follicle shrinks further as the hair shaft is now too weak to sustain even low level manipulation.  The hair shaft falls out completely and closes in the last illustration.  This closing could be the death of the follicle or it can lay dormant like this for many years... depending on the severity of the trauma. 



The motions above are typical of Traction Alopecia, which is rife in the Afro Community. 

It is completely preventable and can be stopped and reversed very quickly depending on it’s severity.

Traction alopecia is caused by having very tight hairstyles that pull your hair back, such as tight buns, ponytails, cornrows, braids, extensions and weave. The hair loss cure for traction alopecia is really simple – just let your hang loose while still protecting it from the elements and tucking away your ends.



The best ways to avoid hair loss?

 Stop traumatising your scalp with bad styling, bad products and…

  • Eat a nutritious diet that includes protein, fats and a range of vitamins and minerals
  • Try to reduce your stress
  • Avoid tight hairstyles that pull on your hair
  • Try not to use high heat hair styling tools
  • Don’t chemically treat or bleach your hair
  • Use Natural, Chemical Free, Organic Products
  • Try a soft hairbrush, made from natural fibres
  • Avoid covering your head with materials that restrict sunlight and oxygen to your scalp.

Using the right Products is Essential 

With AfroHairCandy, we have made a set of products that will heal your skin from trauma, rejuvenate your scalp, while penetrating deeply to ensure your Epidermis supports your scalp in stimulating blood flow and allowing the Sebaceous glands to continue performing their duties of producing natural oils efficiently.


Cowash:  Our plant based cowash contains ingredients that are natural healers, which will treat trauma caused on the scalp.  It essentially replaces shampoo as a cleanser for your hair as it gently washes hair without stripping hair of natural oils. 

 Deep Conditioning Treatments:  This rejuvenating treatment removes dead skin, even scars from previous trauma, to reveal better quality skin on your scalp.  If you have better quality scalp you will have better quality hair growth.  It’s multi task of also cleansing your hair and scalp. While ensuring your scalp hair is repaired from dryness and damage. 

Moisture Spray: This wonder spray has 3 major roles to play in your hair journey.  It produces rapid growth at 1.3-1.5cm per 35-40 days, it keeps your scalp cleaner for longer and gives your hair elastin.

 Moisturiser/Leave in Conditioner: It’s like hair food, it feeds and nourishes hair shaft, reducing shedding by 95% and acts a detangle as well.  It’s rich in plant-based oils and contains some oils which are also moisturisers as well as Chebe Powder, to give Intense moisture to your hair while giving your curls more definition, and keeping your hair soft.

 Chebe Butter:  Contains a rich blend of oils and Chebe Powder to ensure your shaft seals the moisture to prevent breakage and promote length retention.  It also helps to ensure your hair remains fuller.

 Moisturising Gel & Edge Control:  Made with very simple ingredients, this moisture rich with a flax seed base is our most sensitive product due to the nature of the sensitivity of flaxseed, but even this product  is designed with your hair growth in mind.  It pastes and styles your hair, with your peace of mind of that the 100% in this and all our products will nourish your hair and protect it from damage.   

Consistency is Key!

Together this range of products work to restore hair loss, to maintain healthy hair and scalp, to cure scalp irritations, and ensuring you are enjoying your hair journey with getting the moisture, length and thickness that you should be getting. 

Our ingredients are carefully selected from nature’s best, they are Chemical Free, made with just Plants, Seeds and Oils, from Africa and the Caribbean.

 All you have to do is eliminate trauma to your scalp, be consistent, treat your scalp and hair with the fragility it deserves, and allow the products to do their work in restoring your hair and in maintaining healthy hair and scalp.